Animasi bendera Belgia ukuran besar Very Big animated Belgium flag

Official country name
Kingdom of Belgium
Short name
Local names
Royaume de Belgique/Koninkrijk Belgie (long)
Belgique/Belgie (short)
Belgian(s) (noun) Belgique/Belgie (adjective)
Languages spoken
Dutch (official) 60%, French (official) 40%, German (official) less than 1%, legally bilingual (Dutch and French)

Government type
federal parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarchy
10,403,951 ranked 78, (data 2008)
crossroads of Western Europe; most West European capitals within 1,000 km of Brussels, the seat of both the European Union and NATO. The lowest point is North Sea 0 m.
Coastline 67 km.
Land borders
1,385km, France 620 km, Germany 167 km, Luxembourg 148 km, Netherlands 450 km.
Administrative divisions
10 provinces (French: provinces, singular - province; Dutch: provincies, singular - provincie) and 3 regions* (French: regions; Dutch: gewesten); Brussels* (Bruxelles) capital region; Flanders* region (five provinces): Antwerpen (Antwerp), Limburg, Oost-Vlaanderen (East Flanders), Vlaams-Brabant (Flemish Brabant), West-Vlaanderen (West Flanders); Wallonia* region (five provinces): Brabant Wallon (Walloon Brabant), Hainaut, Liege, Luxembourg, Namur
as a result of the 1993 constitutional revision that furthered devolution into a federal state, there are now three levels of government (federal, regional, and linguistic community) with a complex division of responsibilities
4 October 1830 (a provisional government declared independence from the Netherlands); 21 July 1831 (King LEOPOLD I ascended to the throne)

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